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Not able to do anything in crafting menu


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Hi since a20 release I am having a problem crafting almost anything. it only happens sometimes but when it happens i generaly have to restart the game or just wait for the problem to go away. Basicly i go in to the crafting menu and i cant click anthing. I can type in the search bar but when i go to click on something to craft say "coblestone rocks" it wont let me click on it. i cant even go to other tabs in the crafting menu like where i put my skill points in.  I have had this happen in three seperate games now, twice in the crafting menu and once while in the forge i couldent put anything in the forge or craft anything while i was in it.  when this happens i will get a error code saying "exc nullreferenceexception: Object reference not set to and instance of a reference" Please help should i uninstall reinstall? seem like it just a a20 bug cause it never crashes my game just makes it unplayable. 

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