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Traders open at night for normal non-horde nights?


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With alpha 20 introducing night missions and especially offering multiple night missions a day. It only makes more sense than ever to change this behavior, so traders are open at night. However, I believe an exception is horde night. This would make horde nights even more special given that this is only night traders are closed and making horde nights have a bit more of the oh @%$# its horde night feeling as the trader kicks you out. It would make traders more accessible on normal nights for running multiple night mission and possibly opening up more night missions in future updates. The introduction of night missions would be a good time to do this as it would encourage players to go out raiding at night due to the extra missions during this time and maybe we could see more dangerous and rewarding night missions in the future to further encourage night raiding to offset the balance of opening traders at night. I could see this in later alpha's becoming a cool new meta for the game for the braver players thinking along the lines of Dying Light for example as night missions are far more dangerous and scarier but comes with better rewards to encourage brave players to attempt them, I'm sure any dying light fans here can agree that Dying Light handles night time amazingly well as far as scaring the crap out of you and giving you big bump in difficulty, it's an experience I've never had in any other game and wouldn't mind seeing something on that line come to 7DTD other than just faster zombies. With the addition of the lootstage function this could possibly even lead to these special harder and crazier night missions giving an additional bump to lootstages too, it just feels right like this could all work with all these new additions to Alpha 20. 


To recap or put in easier to read bullet points:

* Opening up traders now that players have access to nighttime missions would actually encourage more nighttime runs, pushing players out of their comfort zone.

* Keeping traders locked down during horde night would make horde nights more special, giving more impact to the intensity of a horde night as trader kicks you out.

* Future updates to include more difficult and rewarding night missions would further encourage players to brave the night for better rewards but at a higher risk

* Nighttime missions could utilize the new lootstage function by adding an additional bump to lootstage during night missions to encourage yet again more nighttime raiding

* Further into future alpha's this could lead to an amazing new meta of new and interesting night missions mechanics adding more danger and excitement to night missions with increased reward for the risk, aka sort of like the intensity of Dying Light night missions have. 



I just wanted to throw this out there as an idea for a potential change in the base game. Kage848 suggested it in his video, "New Quests Are Pretty Cool | 7 Days to Die Alpha 20 Gameplay | Part 14"

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I would love some version of this in the vanilla game. I always mod out closing times, that way I can work 24/7 without having to wait for a turn-in and a new job. I can stay at the trader on horde night (usually set to 1/1), but I also mod out the protection zone, so it's not a good idea unless I do considerable fortification.

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