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  1. I have been testing and getting a high food use still, even bought a new SSD to install the game on, didn`t help on the food use, but waay faster load time than my 10 yr old hdd but thanks for the info, i will keep a lookout for anything about it in future patch notes.
  2. I just think the encumbrance like it is now does not really add that much challenge and its too easy to overcome. and it brings down the value of a skill like packmule or the pocketmods. i get what you are saying i just feel that inventory managment has more potential than the game offers atm and its a very important part of this game. My ideas and suggestions are not by any means perfect but thats why i would like to discuss this. From what i can understand for your perspective is that you like how it works now, but you would also like to see it go further in the future. so eve
  3. I was not a fan of that version either, but i liked the idea of being able to uppgrade your inventory. yeah, but you get the encumbrance debuff even when your healthy now, and if you unlock packmule or get full on pocketmods it does not matter if you have broken your leg or not so carry all you want.
  4. What i meant here is that the first experimental the encumbrance slots was locked, but due to feedback they changed it so you would be able to use the slots and added the debuff instead. i think we only had 18 backpack slots and the rest had to be unlocked before we could use them. to that i will say that the difference would be that you can carry as much as your backpack would allow at anytime, but if in your loot run you get damaged like a sprained leg or a infection you will get sluggish and slower and you will get an encumbrance debuff, so if you want to get home alive maybe dump
  5. i had a similar issue at 5 blocks height, the sledge turret was standing perfect positioned, it had zombies in front of it but it didnt hit anything. so i had my base with block 5 height as the floor, i had a walkway leading up to som iron bars where i would fight of the zeds, i out the sledge on one of the sides( standing on floor level before the bars. i had a ramp block at 5 height leading up to the bars so i think that was the main issue.
  6. i get your meaning. for me when i get a vehicle im done thinking about encumbrance, the biggest issue with encumbrance is solved. you still want the pocket mods but its never the thing you are looking for/hoping for when you get to the main loot rom. however if it was so that the pocket mods gave you additional slots it would be the best armor mod in the entire game for me, haha
  7. So what i want to discuss is the "gameplay value" of the current encumbrance system. personally i don`t like it, to me its just anoying. but i do love a challenging game, and its important to av punishing game mechanics like encumburance in a survival game. Before anyone gives me suggestions on how to overcome this issue let me say that i have no problem dealing with it. I just find that in my case it does not really add any value to my game, and is only anoying at times. And the fact that when im getting packmule up or getting enough pocket mods it does not really feel lik
  8. so the point of me going one tree at the time is to add the challenge of having to get by without the must have perks in the other trees. i have played my own perfect build so many times. so i do it like this now for the challenge and to force myself to play another style aswell. I put Fortitude for last as i thought it would be the most OP build. Since i think the food issue might have been some bug/glitch i might still be the most OP. Im running the game from a 10 yr old 3TB HDD thats over 70% full, the load times have been horrible for me lately, so it migh
  9. i have been playing all perk trees one by one and i only had this food problem when playing Fortitude. when playing strenght i noticed some heavy food draw if i was mining all night. but if i stopped mining the food draw was normal so no crisis. i had no problem looting and swinging a sledgehammer all day. In Fortitude i was using the leather straps and fighting with my fist. i ate so i had a full stomach went to the house next door to my starter camp to start looting ( maybe a Tier 2 or a large tier 1 POI) and a little over half way through the POI i started getting hung
  10. Thats very intereresting... so if it does not deplete food or stamina, im back to considering that i might have encountered some sort of bug in my game. in my game i did end up consuming around 300 food per day. i don`t know what i usually consume though. but it kinda felt like the food was draining at the same rate as when you are freezing in the game. come to think of it there was an instance on one of the frist days where i had bleeding but the health did not decrease while bleeding, i was stressing with the bandage so i did not really catch on at the moment. bu
  11. I guess it might be better at HF 5 since the healing time is then much shorter can`t imagne it drawing 80 food in 4 minutes to heal 50 hp. Also since i was unaware of the massive food draw at first i was at a disadvantage, if i had eaten my canned food before i was fully healed i would av benefited from the healing effect from eating the food aswell.
  12. I guess it comes down to playstyle, usually im very good at avoiding scrapes from zombies but with leather knuckels i found myself getting cuts and bruises more often, leading to a much greater food draw, and i might have thought that when having full health i could take a hit since have Healing factor. (not thinking about food consumtion) that early in game its not easy to get good armor, a stable food supply. when i played agility i stabbed 3 zombies avoiding hits with high mobility jumpen on a shed roof with parkour and watchen them bleed out. everyone says Healing fa
  13. So after 1600 hours playing this game, i have forced myself to focus on one skill tree at a time to get out of my comfort zone. I like to play on Insane difficulty with perma death becouse i love the challenge. however i thought Fortitude might be the most OP skill tree so after playing all the other builds i had to try a game. on day 6 when i got to 5 Fortitude and 3 points in healing factor, my food started to drop rapidly i had to eat around 300 food a day so my canned food supply ran dry pretty quick. i thought i had some bug at first so i checked the foru
  14. Hey, i like to challenge myself in this game, so when i die its game over for me. i play on survivalist and Insane mostly but there are other ways of creating a challenge as you well know. not all challenges create a fun game in the long run, like horde every night or having no base. so far my personal favorite is lowering the difficulty to adventurer ( or something you feel is to easy i normal circumstanses and then set zombies to nightmare (always sprint). alot of action, and a good reason put points into stealth, stamina, parkour etc. so anyone else playing with some tweaked setti
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