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Closed Until Futher Notice


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SMS Quick 500% PVE
Port: 27070

Join Our discord for Log in password.


Server Features:
Game Difficulty = 0
XP & Loot Multiplier = 500%
Loot Respawn Days = 7

30 K Stacks

96 Slot Backpack
Faster 4X4

BaseBall Bat is OP
500% XP And Loot

No Bag Drop
Increased Starter Quest XP and Points

SMS Standard Rules:
No Player Killing, No Base Raiding, No Stealing.
Do not build in or takeover Points of interest. ( poi )
Defined ( poi meaning )
Gun Stores, Food Stores, Health Stores, Tool Stores, Electronic Stores, Hospitals, Garden Stores, Any Huge Factories or Mills.
Everywhere else is just fine for players to takeover and build in.

Join our discord server.



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