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Lack of T5 Poi´s


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So i just generated a map and it doesn´t have the hospital, Shamway/Shotgun factory and no Higashi tower.


Can we please have a generation that at least spawns in one of every T5 POI? Getting always the same quest destination for T5 is already quite repetitive if all of them are on the map. This makes it even worse.

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So far I've generated 5 10k maps after I realized shotgun messiah, hospital and shamway were all missing from the first. the same trends appeared for the RGWs after that, not a single one, all I get is a factory_03 which is very small in comparison to the ones we had. imagine all the 20 somewhat traders sending every single player to the same location on servers. I'm assuming the new RGW method is screwing us. currently I'm adding the shotgun messiah/hospital/shamways trough world editor and then upload the result - tedious.

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