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Duplication glitch help!


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Hi All,

This is driving me nuts, have searched everywhere for an answer to no avail.  No doubt I have done something or activated a setting but I cannot find anywhere how to undo this:


Issue/bug/glitch:  Items such as bedroll, any workstation eg workbench/cement mixer, frames, seeds - pretty much any base placement item does not get removed from my inventory when placed meaning unlimited items.


This is on pc (steam version) alpha 20 (b218) cheat mode/console on, debug mode off.

Random gen maps.


I have validated steam files (no issues found)

Started several new random gen maps to replicate the issue

Have NOT reinstalled game yet pending response from this forum.


To be clear, all gameplay is as normal, (except for this glitch) I will craft an item as normal eg Bedroll, place as normal but the item remains in my inventory as well as being placed, I can place another bedroll and have two and so on.  I can scrap the item in my inventory as normal but If i don't scrap or drop the item I will have infinite of that item.


I'm sure I've either accidentally entered a console command or inadvertently activated a setting or something (user error) but I cannot find a solution anywhere.


Thanks in advance for any help.




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8 minutes ago, SylenThunder said:

Disable creative mode. This is a feature of Creative Mode. If you have enabled it in your save settings, toggling it with CM in-game won't have much effect.

Ok thankyou I knew it was something simple, console CM on/off in game didn't work, it did turn cheatmode on/off but items still duplicated either way, I had to disable cheatmode in the game settings before firing up the map, that did the trick.


Thankyou for your help!

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