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Bug: Robotic Turrets Dissapearing


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This only happens on horde night.  We are in a cage base, I drop 2 robotics turrets (I have the Robot Genius trait).  They fire for X number of seconds, sometimes 30 seconds, sometimes 2 minutes.

After a certain amount of time... POOF they disappear.  You can see their icons on your HUD, you can hear and see them fire, but their actual graphic in the game is completely gone.


Other players I play with can see them disappear as well, so I know its not a video/graphic setting on -MY- end.  Upon exiting the game and re-entering I can then see and pick them up. 


This is happening on a solid cement foundation 5 blocks high, in a cage, not on the ground or any weird terrain or over anything.  And seemingly only occurs during horde night?

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They only visually disappear.  They are still in the same location but you are unable to pick them up to reload them at all.  You have to relog, die or go out of the chunk or come back in for them to visually refresh.  They don't move or fall. 

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Confirmed the bug.  In my case, I saw the muzzle flash for a few seconds, then it disappeared entirely.  Our horde base had us 4 blocks above the ground, and the turret's icon showed down in the foundation around ground-level for the rest of the evening.  I'd forgotten about it until the next game morning, and the turret had disappeared by the time I returned.


I've also had the turrets disappear outside of horde night.  Had 2 turrets set in the ground floor of a shop, and they simply disappeared after a few days.  From what I'm reading, it's possible that they sank far into the floor.

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