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freeze lag on looting and zombie spawn

Sheik allakazam

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We are 3 friends renting a server with pretty bad issues with freeze lag (screen totally locks up for a short while 0.1-2 sec ).

This mostly happens when looting (not so bad) or encountering new zombies (horrible).


things to note:


  • We are playing on a 10k pregen map ( too late to change now)
  • Graphic settings seems to have zero or extremely small impact
  • Indicators on Logicservers (our provider) shows less then 10% utilized cpu and memory usage at any given time (prob not 100% correct but still putting the info out there)
  • I have tried hosting directly on my own computer (2080ti, nvme storage, i7-6700K, 32GB ram) with the same issue even for myself as host


Does anyone else have this and possibly found a solution?

Does anyone have experience if it´s night and day difference between 8k and 10k maps?




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12 hours ago, Sheik allakazam said:

We are playing on a 10k pregen map ( too late to change now)

Never too late. :) You'll have to change soon anyway.

Your problem could be network related. Make sure game is excluded from av scans. No WiFi.

Smaller maps are less resource hungry, so try that and see if it helps. With 3 players a 6k world should work.

Also, monitor your memory as some players have reported high memory use. If yours or the server memory is swapping that

would explain your lag spikes.

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