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Alpha 20 Experimental - updated to b238


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We are happy to share Alpha 20 with all of you today.


To participate:

1. right click on the game in steam 

2. click on properties

3. click the "betas" tab

4. the drop down menu will have latest_experimental available   ← you want THAT

5. select that and wait for the game to download.


We also suggest you clean your old data out before starting a new game:

1) start the game from your library

2) select show game launcher

3) click in the tools tab

4) click on clean game files and check all circles

5) click clean


We hope everyone enjoys it!




With the introduction of the shape menu and other block changes, user's custom POI's will need to be converted before they can be used in A20.

Please follow the simple instructions here to get your buildings updated to work in A20.


For bug report, please go here.

Here are the known issues for A20.


Mac crash workaround for ARM64, please use Rosetta to run the game, until a fix is available.


Here is what changed to the version the streamers were playing:

Changelog b214-b218




  • gfx be console command 
  • gfx lodbias console command 
  • Chunks add LODGroup to window block entities when spawned
  • Block entity minimum cull for FPS boost


  • Fixed an issue that would allow drones and drone mods to be found too early 
  • Increased Medium and decreased Ultra Object Quality 


  • UpdateLightOnAllMaterials running unneeded Update
  • Clients do not see zombies on fire unless facing them 
  • Mutated Feral and Radiation versions are spawned at the same gamestage as the standard
  • Molotov and Timed Charge now have proper use anims
  • Heavy FPS drop in city centers
  • Exception when trying to bind cursor up/down/right to any action in the controls UI section
  • Hammer of Sledge Turrets disappears when it touches the screen edge




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Changelog b219-b231




  • City_center_01 tier 4 "Olgiddy & Brother" ad agency POI. 
  • Held candle light visibility 
  • VoteRequirements for buff and progression. 
  • Random pitch support to sounds played at a position (like impacts) or in head 
  • LighLODHeld flickerRadius which does algorithmic motion (added to candle) 


  • Removed infinite blocks/paint from cheat mode 
  • Added missing random loot counts to some raw food crafting ingredients 
  • Iron Bars now upgrade to concrete 
  • Increased player's held light visibility when world darker 
  • Lowered the max texture quality VRAM requirement to 3 GB 
  • Living off the Land level 2 now has a 50% chance to harvest 1 additional crop 
  • Updated the verbiage referencing the land claim block in the game mode tool tip 
  • Slightly lowered the stamina use of the pipe baton 
  • Improved wording on LandClaimExpiryTime and BedrollExpiryTime comments in serverconfig.xml 
  • Increased sound clip randomness and don't repeat the same clip 
  • In A19 items got increased scrapping speed when scrapping to iron. Updated all other scrap actions to the same speed. 
  • Rare or progression relevant items can not be scrapped or smelted. This includes crafted workstations, vehicles and their assembled parts, workstation tools like an anvil or beaker and sewing kits. 
  • Reduced the magazine size of the pipe machine gun 
  • Lowered the Max Durability of all ranged pipe weapons 
  • Most pole and smaller sized shape HP values reduced by 75% 
  • Most plate and similar sized shape HP values reduced by 50% 
  • Added missing light opacity property to "most" block shapes that have holes or do not fill more than 50% of the voxel space to allow indoor or underground farming 
  • Commercial_strip_02 tier 2 questable.
  • .44 magnum rounds are now found earlier in loot progression 
  • Reworked the loot found in caskets and coffins 
  • Updated LiteNetLib to, includes some disconnection fixes 
  • House_modern_05 updated 
  • Additional changes to store_autoparts_01


  • Teleporting from the boss horde fails the event. 
  • Running from the boss hordes no longer rewards you a crate. 
  • Boss hordes should stay focused on the target player. 
  • Boss hordes could fail if someone leaves the party. 
  • If any of the boss horde despawns, despawn the rest. 
  • Incorrect wording in twitch settings for custom events. 
  • User created map waypoints do not display text 
  • Some new blocks like shutters have a stack count of 1 
  • Issue with UV's on scaffolding_plank_supported_center 
  • Brawling perks and books can be in effect while driving a vehicle since the player is technically using hands during that 
  • Advanced Generation RWG GC Memory Allocation Crash 
  • Player placed light sources did not increase visibility of player except on dedi 
  • Rain can be seen inside POIs 
  • Radiated and feral Mutant zombies don't have spit attack 
  • Zombie dogs missing flame effect 
  • #reverse now flips the velocity of the vehicle as well. 
  • Traders protection buffer area overlapping into POIs outside of the tile
  • Fixed remnant_oldwest_07 z fighting 
  • Drone mods of the same type stack. Cargo mods are allowed to stack. 
  • In current RWG Oldwest towns can spawn in water 
  • NRE when generating 2 worlds without closing the client 
  • Party member with shared quest for same restore power location causes current restore power quest to break. 
  • Issues in current RWG including Generated World name 
  • Removed recognizable credit card logos from ATM 
  • Custom POIs added via the "Mods" folder are not spawning in Random Gen 
  • Docks_03 in navezgane is almost full of water now.
  • Pregens Trader space adjustments and oldwest_corner fix 
  • KeyNotFoundException in advanced gen on 2nd consecutive generation 
  • Town tiles can overlap one another, including/cutting in half POI's 
  • Missing red tint on cntBuriedLootStashChestInsecure 
  • Wrong icon for wedgeNarrowTipLeftTrim2SidedRail 
  • 3rd person arrows are pink 
  • Vehicle headlight and personal flashlights had different actions, making it impossible to assign the same keyboard button when reassigning 
  • TerminalWindowEnabled setting not respected when starting a dedi server 
  • No flame on candle when equipped 
  • Zombie AI gets stuck attacking 1/2 block pillar 
  • EntityLootContainer "unloadEntity !dict" can cause NRE 
  • Flipped normal on cube_half_bottom_pole_1m_top collider allowed entities to fall into it 
  • Improved PathAbstractions performance during game sessions 
  • Timed charges arming audio 
  • Burning buff now plays burning sounds. 
  • Burning Shaft mod causes pink & different lighting effects 
  • Spears missing material when in midflight 
  • Multiple restore power quests at the same location cause a corrupted quest
  • Businessman zombie head flopping around during ragdoll
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!Help Wanted!

We are looking for a chunk error bug. We have opened one of our testservers to the public, hoping for lots of traffic, forcing this bug to show its face.

It is currently a 32 slot server, available for anyone to play on for a while, please remember we officially support 8 players in MP.

This server will NOT be available as a long term alternative to play on through the release of A20.

We might have to restart the server or world during that process.



Changelog b232&b233



  • Coffin/Casket open & close sounds. 


  • Clamped item stack counts to 65535 when saved 
  • "DecorateChunkOverlapping biome null" warning to show chunk
  • Improved path node penalty clamp and added log 
  • Updated metal hit metal and metal destroy sounds
  • Dynamic mesh default to land claim only 


  • Several pipe weapons have random stats. No primitive items should have any. 
  • animalZombieDog sticky projectiles offset from model
  • Block preview displays wrong rotation for cupboards 
  • Fixed missing texture in house_modern_05
  • Explosions still destroy water and drop the block
  • Damaging volume enemy from outside a sleeper attack volume did not wake the volume
  • Sticky Crossbow Bolts are floating
  • Sticky Arrows are penetrating too far through zombies
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Changelog A20 b234-b237



  • Shape MaterialHitpointMultiplier scales a blocks upgrade, repair and harvest values
  • Block LODCullMin to override culling minimum (2% default).
  • part_trader_tile_filler_03


  • Adjusted AI destroy area values
  • Switched the capsule collider to a box collider and adjusted the size to prevent floating arrows on large ammo piles
  • Set landmines to .1% min cull
  • Block shapes with 25% and 50% HP are now back to 100%
  • Suppressors attached to pipe pistols now suppress 
  • Suppressors attached to .44 magnums now suppress, a little
  • Reduced sleeper count in volume in rwg_tile_countrytown_intersection
  • Updated part_trader_tile_filler_01, removed player sleeping bags and replaced them with the POI versions


  • Car block can throw error when exploded
  • AI not attacking when blocked above a ladder
  • Regression in vehicle headlight toggling with a controller
  • Reduced AI trying to crouch when pushed into walls
  • AI uncrouching when someone above them which could push them through colliders
  • NRE ItemActionEntrySell HandleRemoveAmmo with a junk sledge when selling
  • Rwg_tile_gateway_cap with new part_trader_tile_filler_03
  • Terrain and road bumps in Navezgane.
  • Drone locks out owner, if anyone opens keypad window
  • Holding E to take the drone and then spamming E will cause an XUI error
  • On servers and MP sessions, drone repeats cut-out VO when shutdown
  • Robotic Drone only allows the first mod to be added via Shift + Click
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Changelog A20 b238



  • AI destroy area works on full paths
  • Wrehouse_02: reduced street light intensity
  • Warehouse_05: replaced poles with parking blocks, reduced street light intensity 
  • Pass on fixing POI densities


  • AI path grid has missing ladder nodes from origin shift
  • Docks_02 has an SI issue with the bridge sign area.
  • Cleaned densities on terrain for house_old_ranch_10 
  • Added key to front door on house_old_ranch_10 
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