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While bandits have been reserved for A21 regular survivors unknown. When both types of AI human NPCs are eventually added another use for traders is gathering information mostly about the locations of bandit camps to attack or conventional survival camps to either join or simply form an alliance with (as well as raid if so desired) now more trader quests are a must but traders can also be a good use to gather information of either type of camp, and since some of the traders seem to have connections with the duke's gang in the form of payments then players could even gather information of duke settlements to report to whatever survival camp (be it a white river settlement or a smaller independent camp) that you have an alliance with so these survivor camps can set up a raid force to attack the duke camp with you the player as the group leader. (the size of the raid group will be the players choice but there will be restrictions on the group size mostly in the form of population limits depending on the size of the overall camp) and of course players decisions on choosing group sizes and other things will matter when determined to raid a duke camp and win. hopefully The Fun Pimps see this but let me know what yall think of this.

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