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There was a thread awhile back about mods for vehicles...


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Not sure what it was called thus I couldnt find it :(
However I had some thoughts;

Vehicle Mods suggestions:
Turret mount for 4x4 only - Passenger seat becomes stationary 7.62 turret mount so you can pretend youre john connor fleeing skynet. (Bans use of extra seat/storage mods)
Vehicle Speed
Vehicle Duribility (I wana make a rolling tank go thru a building my guys.)
Gas Use lower
Better Suspension (Able to offroad VERY easily. Byebye annoying front-spikes!)
Vehicle Names (BOATY MC.BOATFACE!)
Jet engine for gyrocopter (insane fuel use, insane speed,cant be modded otherwise due to uniqueness)
Various weapons being able to be mounted to vehicles.
(Examples: Pipe Pistol on a bicycle, 9mm on a minibike, SMG on a motorcycle, turret on 4x4 (Missile launcher too? O.O) -Ammo feeds from vehicle inventory.)
James bond vehicle mod that activates a sealed dome for underwater use.
More ramming damage (I know this is in progress :D)
Tank tracks for 4x4 to runover zombies the better with
A battering ram for even garage doors! (Think SWAT APC attachment)
... And/Or just add a cannon?
A wandering Horde Sensor for Motorcycle+ (Also works on vulture swarms!)
Extended Vehicle Storage for soloists. (Where do you hide your stuff tho man?) -No passenger.
Trike buggy- Take a buddy on the buggy!
A lance for vehicle hunting (Or jousting. I dont judge.)
Chainsaws or something similar to Chariot blades. (It slices and dices!)
'automated' harvesting:
Chop trees directly into inventory! Adjust an arm to dig downwards at and angle and harvest (This has dual use for terra-forming as well as gathering.) High gas costs, uses alot of dura.
(Cant complain about bullet problems if you get to spend all of your late game looting and only spend a few hours on 1 day for mining.)

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