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What is the Proper way to remove a poi you dont want while in the World Editor?


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I occasionally find some poi's that I just dont want in the city I am placing my custom prefabs in.  I have been trying just to move them out of the way but some times I would rather just delete the poi that had been placed.  I have tried selection with the z and using j for deleting the poi and then shrinking the boundry and moving way out  but that just ended up with the poi being placed out anyway some times high in the sky.. ie I moved the boundry there.

 IS there a way to remove the poi? or  is it I can only move them around.   would take lots of moving if I wanted to send them to the edge of the world or even another city.


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For A19 - Make sure 'show bounds' is ticked on the second escape menu, move to the prefab that offends you so much, select its green box by getting close enough and left clicking, when it highlights a lighter green, press 'k' > delete prefab


For A20 - Make sure 'show dynamic prefabs' is checked in the escape menu, fly to the offending prefab, select its green box and press backspace or delete on your keyboard - one of the two - the K menu is not there in 20.


Or as you surmised scroll through the long list of prefabs in the worlds prefabs.xml and delete the line manually.

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