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Gamestage tied to POI's instead of player level/days spend


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Right now the progression is very linear:


Level up to get better loot --> level up more --> etc


It locks the player in a very predictable way to play and progression pattern, you HAVE to level up/grind to get better loot and progress, no other way around it.


You could spend 2 hours completely clearing out a large POI, killing 50+ zombies, almost dying 3 times and when you finally get to the loot and open it you get the same crappy level 1 gun/gear that you would get at another POI that would take you 5 minutes to clear.


From what i red biomes are going to get a gamestage multiplier (snow, desert and wasteland/burned forest) harder and better loot, that's really good and gives you a choice, you could either risk it and go for the harder place and try to get better loot or stay in the easy place and progress at your own rythm.


Why stop at biomes?


Instead of having the gamestage based on linear leveling and time spent it could be based on POI's, a harder POI would be more dangerous and challenging to clear but would give better loot, then you have a reason to go in dangerous places and a proportionnal reward for the challenge.


Sure it's convenient to have the gamestage being tied to level and days spent because it's easy to implement but the game difficulty and progression feels artificially locked it lacks spice and challenge, POI's have more or less all the same difficulty and even those that are harder to clear are not worth it.


With gamestage tied to POI instead, you could have the hardest place like a military base in the hardest biome the wasteland and you could have the possibility to try and clear it at level 10 or even on a fresh start with nothing more than a wooden club but you would be faced with zombies after zombies, all of them at max level, special infected running after you and spitting acid, bosses, traps etc.


So it would be possible to get that high tier loot at any time but realistically you would not be able to get it unless your gear and level is high enough but depending on your skill you could try to clear a POI that is hard but still doable and get better stuff.


A natural way to have gamestage and progression with the possibility to have a harder challenge at any time for better loot and a reason to have a lot of different POI's with their own level of difficulty and unique rewards.


Quests could be tied to it too, a level 1 quest would bring you to a level 1 POI a level 2 quest to a level 2 POI and so on...



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