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7 Days to Die Console Edition Happenings


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In another effort to make sure accurate news about the console version of 7 Days to Die is being reported, I am posting the happenings that occur towards console owners being able to play a version of 7 Days to Die that has parity with the PC version. This is a locked thread so that only news will be posted here. If you wish to comment on something you read here, do so in Console General Discussions.



The Fun Pimps formed a partnership with publisher, Telltale Games, to bring a port of 7 Days to Die to Playstation 4 and XBox One. This port would be based upon the Alpha 14 PC version. Telltale Games hired the studio, Iron Galaxy, to code the port and TFP assigned members of their own team to be liaisons with Iron Galaxy for giving support as needed from their end. The port was completed and the game shipped to consoles and was subsequently updated over time with bug fixes as well as new content from Alpha 15 and a bit from Alpha 16.


Telltale Games then went bankrupt which caused Iron Galaxy to cease work on the port. In the aftermath, TFP was able to secure the rights to their intellectual property ensuring that they would be able to port future versions of the game to future consoles. TFP made the tough decision to not find a new partner to continue updating the existing game. 7 Days to Die PS4 and 7 Days to Die XBox One were in their final form forever.




  • Earlier this year TFP scheduled a consultation with Unity Developers to get personalized help for using Unity optimally with their game. The main focus of this consult was to get the most out of the heavy optimization work they were planning starting with A20 until final release of the game. But it also included help with easing the way for porting the game to consoles in the future once it was done.
  • In a tweet, Rick Huenink made the comment that there will for sure be a port of the finished game for Playstation 5 and the new Xbox Series. TFP is committed 100% to that goal and it is the reason they purchased the console rights to their game so they could ensure that it would happen once PC development was finished.
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  • TFP formed a partnership with a distribution company for future distribution of physical copies of 7 Days to Die. As part of the deal the company printed copies of the original PS4 version but complete with all existing updates that had been released as their research showed there was still a demand. This re-release of the original physical game did not add anything new to that version but it did form the foundation for the future when they are ready to print and distribute the new game.
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  • On the developer stream tonight Rick Huenink stated that they definitely will be porting the full game to PS5 and Xbox series and are in talks with several studios to make it happen once the PC game is finished and no longer in flux.
  • He also stated that they hope to be able to back port the full game to PS4 and Xbox One as well. Rick thinks it might be possible and it is something they are going to be seriously looking into.
  • They also hope to provide dedicated servers for console players as well as crossplay.
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November 2022

  • TFP announces that work is currently being done on performance and optimizations with the console edition in mind
  • Rick says he would like to do a discount program for previous owners of original console version but it will depend on Sony and Microsoft store policies and is something that will involve a lot of stakeholders so no promises as to whether that will happen.
  • Rick states that they are committed to making crossplay a reality though there are a lot of obstacles to be worked through but they will be working with both Sony and Microsoft to make sure their console version is able to handle crossplay between the different consoles and PC.


  • When answering the question about what he is working on, faatal confirms that there is currently a team working on console optimizations and readying the game to work on both PC and consoles. TFP has "console guys" on staff! :)


11 hours ago, faatal said:

Lots of things, mostly bugs. Currently POI imposter flickering between road paint vs the block below it, which probably started from the console guys reducing many vertex positions from 32 to 16 bits to save memory. The blocks below don't even need to be there, so fixing it is also an optimization. Console has tight memory constraints, so they are working hard to bring that down, which will also bring PC mem use down too.

Basically 0% chance at this point. I'm putting my efforts towards must-fixes, before we even start the MF list. Also various features that are not quite done, and code changes to support balancing changes as people who are play testing discover issues.


  • The newly announced chunk reset timer option came about as a necessity for the new console edition in order to keep the save game files below the limits needed for consoles. Reverting chunks back to their pregenerated state will eliminate tons of save data.


12 hours ago, faatal said:

[The chunk reset timer] will remove the chunk's data and when you visit it again, it is recreated as it was before. Some parts may randomize, like grass, but parts like POIs should come back the same. This will reduce save game sizes, which is actually needed for console, as our worlds can get huge and max out your save space.





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