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Hello game developers and gamers who love this game. I am writing for the first time ... and through google translator.
You know, I play your game, probably since alpha 9 there were a lot of impressions, a lot of ups and downs in the game!
I want to share my thoughts and observations that may help make the game better.

First, I'll tell you how I play with friends, we put:
maximum difficulty of the game
 , 2 hours of real time = 24 game time
daytime zombie - running
night - sprint
bloody night - a nightmare run
completely disabled loot recovery
and 16-32 hordes of zombies on the seventh night.

Unfortunately ... WE'RE BORING! Yes, we are really looking forward to 20 alphas to test the improved zombie flair, but frankly, the game lacks logical development and content improvement.

I really like your game, but look at Rust, look at ARC and many other sandbox games, how much their content has evolved! I would really like to see a lot of content in 7dtd! Only then will the game reach the world tops.

So, let's begin...
The first problem is the mines ... if you go to the miner, then you are doomed to eternal chiselling of stone to create concrete and iron for iron ingots and steel ingots and everything in general! I can easily farm saltpeter, coal, lead at a time to provide 4 people for a long time. The rest of the time the stone is iron.


 At least the current Forge is the initial stage of industrialization, a large amount of ores and technologies are needed for which these ores are needed for this, and there is a branch of intelligence!

Tin - wiring 1 tier, + crafting parts for the generator and for other items.

Copper - wiring tier 2, + crafting generator parts and for other items.

Silver - as an option, the creation of special modifications for weapons against undead with increased damage and the use of raw materials in advanced electronics tier 2 (tier 1, what we mine) or selling to a merchant, you must agree that there should be a choice ... and not a simple sale for coins.

Gold - Gold is also used in electronics and gold plated contacts / connections are the best of their kind and similar to silver used in advanced electronics tier 3 or sold to a merchant for coins.

Sulfur - in a real recipe for gunpowder, there are 3 components, coal, sulfur and saltpeter, it is also needed in the mine as a component for gunpowder, the creation of sulfuric acid, which serves as an electrolyte in lead batteries.

Zinc - to create brass from copper + zinc
You can add metal that is stronger than steel! For a higher range in terms of tool durability, and let it be rare in nature!

Aluminum - as alloys. The main advantages of these alloys are lightness, high strength and corrosion resistance. I think this metal can be used. And also expand the loot in the house in the form of aluminum dishes.


The main content in the game is loot farming at home, loot farming by means of quests and mining. Crafting and technologies are well developed VERY BAD, even when setting the loot to standard 100%, after a while such items as - electrics, mechanical parts, plastic, spring pipes and more - there is simply nowhere to go, but at first you can spend it all on the necessary crafting, and then these items become just garbage thrown in boxes.

Forge - (Current Tier 1) This is a base tech, but it doesn't have to be the only one!
Industrial forge (tier 2) with large slots for melting and creating ALLOYS + 20-30% higher melting speed, working for example on LAVE or some other more advanced fuel! Lava can be placed on the so-called bedrock (indestructible layer) and you can make a volcano with lava instead of any mountain.

Workbench - (current tier 1)
The Industrial Workbench (Tier 2) is expensive to craft and gives you the ability to unlock higher-order technologies.

And also there should be energy cells (from top technologies), which, like batteries, can accommodate a lot of energy so that a gasoline generator, a solar panel and a wind station can be connected to such a cell, I think a wind station must be introduced. It can be done as in minecraft using LF, MF, HF transformers and wires corresponding to the type of wires to them, and by the way, bad wiring can be made with loot in houses!


Plain grass is the most useless and unnecessary component in the game, but why not make it necessary? You need compost to create farm plots! And compost is made from ordinary grass, for example, you can add a barrel into which we will put a lot of grass to get compost, and if you mix compost with saltpeter, you can get a good fertilizer that accelerates plant growth.
Very lacking in GENETICS! I want to propose natural breeding based on crafting seeds from different fruits with a different set of genomes.
Introduce into the game a small interface showing 3 parameters
Growth rate - (A-150%, B-110%, C-80%)
Water consumption - (A-80%, B-110%, C-150%)
Fertility - (A = 3, B = 2, C = 1)

We need the implementation of a special water barrel with water, a pump, hoses and water sprinklers. Cultivated plants grow under favorable conditions. And of course, you can add new plants, with use in cooking and medicine, for example, the most common is wheat and flour should be made from it ... You need to add chips to the loot for the diner, they do not deteriorate for a long time, like canned food, and this is logical. And also add cans of carbonated lemonade, which will not only quench your thirst, but also give a small + to the saturation of food due to the large amount of sugar.


Thanks so much for the new permanent music score, it's very cool! The game lacks for the atmosphere and variety of some kind of unique anomalies like in the game stalker and radiation zones, which can only be entered in a special protective suit against radiation, the prototype of the suit can be taken from a zombie, which is just in a protective suit with a gas mask. This will give you an influx of players who love games like stalker and metro! By the way, you can add all this to the quest chain, as a foray into the radiation zone, and in these zones there will be only radioactive green glowing zombies and, of course, radioactive artifacts to create unique modifications for any type of weapon and armor.
It would also be very good to add any psi zombies, which will be able to do something, since they have greatly mutated in radiation.


Every seventh night should have bosses, the boss should positively influence the wave of zombies in the form of amplification, then the defense will become much more interesting. Especially if the Boss gives random buffs for enhancing zombies, you can take a walk here, in terms of increasing running speed, increasing damage, increasing the chance of breaking a player's arm or leg, increasing the chance of being infected with a virus. By the way, the virus must be a virus and if it is not cured of it, the character dies and becomes a zombie!
And in terms of protection, it would be interesting to see some kind of towers like a Tesla coil beating with an electric arc (for this you need a powerful energy storage) and something like a prism tower like a strategy in Red Alert 2, it would be very cool and these towers should to be the pinnacle of science! Well, I would like some kind of variety for wooden and iron stakes.

Do not take this as criticism, this is an objective assessment from a fan of the 7dtd game. Many friends who played 7dtd dumped it due to the fact that there is a lot of content in other sandboxes, and this is true. I'm waiting for 20 alpha, I am sure that it will bring some pleasure, since you have been working on the game for many years and now the optimization is much better. Think about my suggestions in terms of content dear developers. Only in your power to increase the content, making the game more interesting.

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The immediate solution for you and your friends are big Game Modifications, for example Darkness Falls or War3Zuk. I mention these two as examples because I played them recently and know directly that they provide a lot more content. Just be aware that they also increase difficulty a few notches


I don't speak for TFP, but from what the developers are telling us it is relatively clear that the vanilla game is not going to be expanded very much from its current state, a lot of subsystems are considered finished. They have a few features they still want to implement besides the ultimate goal "bandits". And that already fills their schedule to the brim.


Apart from that it seems one or two workstation upgrades might still be a possibility but are low-priority at the moment


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