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Gamestage tied to map region


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Interested on getting other people's thoughts on this.


I like the current game stage mechanic, the scaled progression of things in the game.

One thing I do find it leads to however, if it kind of anchors you to your base. You cannot travel far away and start building another, as you cannot build something capable of withstanding a high level blood moon that quickly. This means that with large maps, most of it you won't ever travel to, and it's impractical to try as you can only bring so much stuff back.

Any kind of nomad approach doesn't work as a result.



Have some kind of game stage that is tied to individual region files in the game. This could then scale the adjacent regions to form a game stage that changes as you travel around. The further you travel to unfamiliar lands, the lower the game stage gets. This would allow time to build up a new base, and allow a kind of nomad style of play for those that wanted to.



Can I ask that we stick to if we like the idea of this rather than how complicated or load heavy this would be to build or run.

See what people would like first, then can discuss technical limitations.


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Balancewise this disadvantage of moving shows up only on horde night so this should be a horde-night-only malus on gamestage.


There is a way to get more time for horde base construction by the way, use a few POIs as one-time horde bases that just need to hold up a few hours before collapsing. Even a high level horde needs quite some time to demolish a sturdy POI.


There is also the possibility to simply drive back to your normal horde base for a day to give you another 7 days for building. And if you plan ahead and craft the concrete and other materials BEFORE you drive off to your new horde base location I don't see a problem in building a whole horde base in less than a week


In short, I would see building a new horde base somewhere else as an interesting task for a high level character and one that I already think I have solutions for. And not something the developers have to solve for me.



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