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Looking for Lore

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Hello all,

I am a film student and I am looking for the lore of the 7Days To Die universe.

My goal is to write a series of scripts starting just before the apocalypse and then following a small group of survivors which would showcase the rise of the traders and Duke.

So if there are any of you who know any of the lore please post it here.


I did reach out to one of the devs a while back and have not gotten a response.



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There is very little released lore. What we do know is that there was an outbreak of some kind of virus that infected most of the population. The scientist responsible for the outbreak is the Asian man whose picture adorns many homes. At some point the government responded with nukes. The game takes place some time after that during which two factions have risen to power. The dominant force belongs to the Duke of Navezgane who rules from his casino (not yet added to the game). The rebel force is known as the White River Citizens and is led by a man named Noah. The player starts out having gotten on the wrong side of the Duke somehow and has been dumped naked with minimal supplies out in the wilderness. Noah and his faction are interested in the player. There are also portraits of Noah and the Duke in many establishments.


That is really all that we know. The game is set in Arizona.

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