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Is it possible to display the full decimal/float value for armor rating on the ui?

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Hello, the armor ratings for various pieces of armor in the game are defined by a number with precision up to the hundredths place, however the UI only shows up to the ones place. This makes it annoying to determine whether an armor piece is superior to another without doing trial and error with several pieces. I find this process a little ridiculous, so I was interested if anyone else ran into this issue and had a solution.

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I'm not sure the decimals really matter, as zombies deal integer damage, not floats. Your health also doesn't show floats, so no matter what it will be rounded up or down depending.

With that said, you can add:



to the <display_entry name="PhysicalDamageResist" title_key="statPhysicalDamageResist"/>

on the display of  armor in ui_display.xml. That would make it show as a decimal.

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