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Need Help With Mods Please

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OK i have a server hosted at GTX Gaming and it runs great but i can't get these 4 mods to work on the hosted server. From what i understand i simply create a folder called Mods in the main directory on the server and place the folders for the mods in the Mods folder and make sure i have the server shut down which i have done multiple times. I also made sure that the actual mods folder was not with in another folder to insure just the mods folder was installed properly, i have that covered.

I have recently played on a server like with in the last few days and for months prior to starting my own 7D2D server and I know all 4 mods work. I just moments ago started a local game with a custom random map the 4 mods loaded and all 4 mods work so i have verified multiple way that the mods do work.

Yet when i load them on the GTX Gaming server they do not work, i am very confused and frustrated. Does anyone have any suggestion to why the mods work on other public hosted servers and locally on my machine but i can't get any of them to work on the GTX Gaming server? I asked for help there but i keep getting a generic reply directing me to a help area which does not answer my questions or help me solve the issues i am having.

Any suggestion or help would be much appreciated,

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I don’t know the answer but:


- the “Mods” folder you made, is it named “Mods” with a capital M?

- there is a log file for the game that might tell you if it’s trying to load the mods or not, so look in it to see if it has mod loading errors or something obvious…And likely people here will ask you to post it anyway. It’s in the game location, where the Mods folder is or inside the “7DaysToDie_Data” (I think) folder at that location. There might be several log files, all named by the date you started the game.

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