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🚨 Project 7 🚨 When other server managers are not enough!


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Project 7 is a collection of tools which can be useful for server owners.

Focus is on adding features other mods don't provide and PvP servers.

The mod is currently in beta but has already a varity of unique tools.
A lot of new features are planned, but feel free to show off me your ideas.

Feature spotlight:

  • Raid detection & discord raid alert bot
  • Anti zombie base griefing
  • Advanced zone system with real safezones and much much more
  • Discord chat/kill messages

Module List:

  • Anti Base Logoff - Punish players for logging out inside enemy bases
  • Anti Chain Explosion - Prevent mass explosions
  • Anti Tree Spam - Prevent tree spamming on your server in various ways
  • Ban Manager - Keep Admin/VIP permissions when banned for a short time.
  • Biome Spawn Manager - Fix biome zombie spawns
  • Claim Cleaner - Deactivated inactive claims
  • Claim Limiter - Limit claims by player level or playtime
  • Claim Spacer - Keep space between claims without a need of a deadzone
  • Falling Blocks Limiter - Full or lite prevention of falling blocks
  • Kill Messages - Modify kill messages in chat
  • Late Wipe Helper - Help players catch up high level players
  • LiteNetLib Monitor - Auto. restart server on LiteNetLib freezes
  • Prefab Protection - Prevent claims, bedrolls, traps inside/around POIs or allow quest reset even with a bedroll inside
  • Raid Detection - Various options to deal with base raiding, from alerting offline base owners, over adding buffs to attacker/defending players, to auto. removal of zombies when they are abused to destroy a base
  • Sleeper Spawn Manager - Adjust spawnrates of sleeper zombies 0-100%. Prevent sleeper spawn on bloodmoon
  • Team Balancer - Add buffs to players depending on their current active group size
  • TileEntity Limiter - Limit workstations/power-sources/turrets within range
  • TileEntity Tweaks - Auto. lock placed doors
  • Vehicle Cleaner - Give players time to join after restart to pickup vehicles before they get deleted
  • View Distance Equaliser - Enforce the server max view distance as a min for players
  • Weather Manager - Change fog density from 0 - 100% ( vanilla ~20% )
  • Zones - Advanced zone system with varius options
  • ... more
  • ... even more planned

For download & enhanced support join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/KeGx4qsRbK

Source-Code: https://github.com/Zipcore/Project7

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  • Zipcore changed the title to 🚨 Project 7 🚨 When other server managers are not enough!

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