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Help with backpack mod

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So, I admit that I am a hoarder. I find it difficult to leave most items behind. The vanilla backpack is too small for me. I believe that I am close to having the modlet done, but I'm having a problem that doesn't entirely make sense to me. I changed the window to be 8x12, giving the player a total of 96 inventory slots. The window looks to be good, at least for the grid and the border. I've got the item icons adjusted as well as the stackValue. What I cannot figure out is how to adjust the selectable area. I only dropped the cell size from 67x67 to 50x50. The items in the cells are selectable beyond the edges of the cell, roughly a ratio of 1.5:1. The image of the pack mule cells is also vanilla. I've adjusted the controls.xml as well, but simply cannot figure out what is wrong with this.


Anyone have any clue as to what controls this?



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