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any mods in 19.4 for passive progression? how feasible is it to make?

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i got lots of time on my hands so if this is a pretty simple mod to make i don't mind trying to learn how to make it


basically what i thought of was a mod that passively adds buffs that increase over time so that if you did like 10,000 of the same action (looting certain types of containers, picking locks, landing headshots, etc.) you got some kind of reward incrementally. games that have "grinds" or many repetitive actions like this one might benefit from having super long term, extremely passive but strong scaling rewards to mundane activities. i'm comparing this idea to runescape though the scale is definitely a lot different. i've seen mods similar to this in minecraft that provided increased mining speed or movement speed, and i can see a lot of little buffs that could apply to this game like block damage, tool damage, degredation, damage mitigation, blah blah blah


in summary, a secondary, passive perk system that gives you milestone reward perks that you can only obtain through doing certain actions, like achievement rewards, earned over long periods of playtime. any thoughts or existing mods on this idea?

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This is usually called "learning by doing" in this forum and was actually once a part of the game (check out A15 or A16 if you want to sample it).


In A19 there are some mods available that implement such a scheme and my advice would be to download and dissect the source of such a mod to learn how it is done.





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i remembered combining axes in an earlier version to get a quality 600 stone axe and train my tool crafting, that's what i was thinking of when posting this. i'll definitely check out the first one you shared because it looks exactly like what i was hoping to find. thank you

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