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I have idea to add to the  zombie loot and some stuff notes about random stuff like  : shorter like - in bussines desk - " hey Bob we have bads news . Epidemic is spreed so we should start looking for something with rly value like gold or silver - Tom"  , in abadoned  bandit base -  " we lost Damian , Alice and  dogs coming our way , guys find tokens we need more ammo - boss." And longer like orders or diares  for example - " to LT. Bern - order your mean to hold outpost 12. I know - ammo is low and rations is gone but support in on the way. Alpha is going to find docs in labs  and evack hear ,so you need to keep this place clear... (note is burned to this point)"   - in  cave  " I wanted to end high school go to big city but everthing... just mom was always angry when i sweared but she is gone when zombie attacked  our farm. Only I and my younger bro could ran away . We don't take anything - no food no water no even good clothes, Tom run away in socks so now he he throw them away . Wet socks are worst that be totaly barefoot right? . Only good in our situation is that we found  biten off hand with gun , 3 bullets only and some stuff in broken car . We are going to town starving is not better that die by zombie right? . If  this backpack have spider webs it means we don't manage to manage from them alive. Or we just forget when we left it. So you are free to take whatever you want! good luck X0X0."

What do you thinking about this "note" idea? I think it will be easy to implement and will add some lore and atmosphere 

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