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IndexOutOfRangeException When more than player


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Myself and 1 other person have been playing DF, hosted on my PC for about 3-4weeks now, we've never had any issues.  Starting today, i get the console appearing every 2-3 seconds with various IndexOutOfRangeException errors.  We noticed eventually that this only happens we we are both logged in and playing.  It takes less than a minute for it to start appearing once my friend join the game.  Once he exits, the error stops happening.  We both reinstalled 7D2D and re-download and installed the mod.  Same issue.


I looked in the Bugs forum but did not see this listed.  Does anyone have any ideas?

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Usually this means the other players data is borked in the save game. To make sure it isn't the world data itself your friend should move 500m in any direction. If the error still persists it is probably the player data


Then you could try this:

First let your friend join again so he can write down his level and the books he knows. Then he should put everything he owns and wears into storage


While the game is NOT running locate your savegame, go into Players and delete the two files that are named like your friends steam-ID. To be safe your friend meanwhile should delete everything in SavesLocal (which should be located in the same dir his local savegames are).


The bad news is that afterwards your friend will start at 0 again. So you have to give your friend admin rights (there is an admin command in the console that should do that, otherwise use serveradmin.xml which is located in the savegame folder as well). He can then get back his levels with the command giveselfxp and use creative menue to get back book knowledge and items.


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