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Special Infected


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well if you don't know this, The Fun Pimps actually had plans for a behemoth zombie back in Alpha 16 that looks like a xenomorph and it was unsurprisingly inspired by the tank from left4dead they even had secret plans for a radiated behemoth. but sadly the behemoth was eventually scrapped as there were too many bugs to fix they went as far as making the behemoth spawnable with commands but the zombie didn't even have hitboxes so me and other A16 testers couldn't even shoot him before he was fully removed. however not all hope is lost, I found a mod on 7DaysToDie mods.com, and this mod brings back the behemoth and even the radiated version and the behemoth is fully functional. and just like TFP originally planned the behemoth is a beast to take down, even with a calibers mod I use in my playthrough that adds calibers like 10 gauge shotguns and .50 BMG. the behemoth still takes quite a few bullets before going down. in this mod the regular behemoth has 5000 HP possibly the original HP plan and the radiated version has a whopping 7500 HP with regeneration abilities so if you fight this guy make sure you have a BIG MEAN LOOKING MACHINE GUN and fight him rambo style

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