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Gamestage with respect to ZombiesAll, ZombiesNight, ZombiesWasteland, etc.


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Hello all,


It's that horrible modlet maker once again and I'm wondering if someone could answer what seems to be a simple question to this observer.  Gamestage seems to be a function of days played and player level, however the other entitygroups (ZombiesAll, ZombiesNight, ZombiesWasteland, etc.) don't seem to indicate a gamestage.  Is it safe to assume that those groups (ZombiesAll, ZombiesNight, ZombiesWasteland, etc.) without a gamestage tag (such as  wanderingHordeStageGS1) are unaffected by gamestage and thereby whatever zeds are listed in that group will be randomly spawned as per probability?  Or is this just the dumbest question I've asked yet?  Thanks as always.

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I believe you are correct.  Any group of zombies that isn't tagged with a gamestage can spawn at any time/gamestage.  Of course, there are likely nuances to this, but I don't know everything about spawning and groups, but an example would be that ZombiesNight group don't spawn during the day (of course).  I believe some of these groups (not gamestaged groups) are made so certain groups of zombies will spawn only in certain biomes (like ZombiesWasteland) , or in certain POI's (according to the POI designer), so I'm guessing not every group that *doesn't* have a gamestage will have a chance to spawn in a given area, only certain, generic ones like ZombiesAll.

I also don't know this, but its possible that some groups don't spawn normally and are only used to group zombies together for the gamestages.  Just a guess.

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Just to touch base on this... I added some of Robleto's super zeds to the later game stages and through a day of playing they still haven't shown, however I did set it for a much later game stage.  If anyone wants to do this themselves, just start tricking them in after whatever gamestage you'd want them to show up (usually based on level and days played) and there seems to be 4 different ones affected


Here's an example, I picked 1000 arbitrarily out of the list just to illustrate the point.  If you want to tailor this to say 50 or 500 or whatever the equation is something like ([Player Level] + [Adjusted Days Alive]) * Difficulty modifier = Gamestage (note: I took out the invisible zombies because my group complained too much, I personally like em):

<append xpath="/entitygroups/entitygroup[@name='sleeperHordeStageGS1000']"> <entity name="zombieBurningMan" prob="0.2"/><entity name="zombieCandyGirl" prob="0.09"/><entity name="zombieMoePuker" prob="0.2"/><entity name="zombieMummy" prob="0.08"/><entity name="zombieFireElf" prob="0.155"/><entity name="zombieMoePukerFeral" prob="0.233"/><entity name="zombieShadow" prob="0.155"/><entity name="zombieBlazingMan" prob="0.155"/><entity name="zombieAnesthesia" prob="0.233"/><entity name="zombieSanguis" prob="0.155"/><entity name="zombieAquaZed" prob="0.155"/><entity name="zombieFreezer" prob="0.155"/><entity name="zombieIronMan" prob="0.155"/><entity name="zombieChroma" prob="0.155"/><entity name="zombieExploder" prob="0.141"/><entity name="zombieWhiteNoise" prob="0.141"/><!-- <entity name="zombiePredator" prob="0.141"/> --><entity name="zombieFireBoss" prob="0.078"/><entity name="zombieGunner" prob="0.078"/><entity name="zombieShocker" prob="0.155"/>     <entity name="zombieScreamerBoss" prob="0.078"/> </append>


These are the only groups I added zeds to and all around 400 or later with increasing frequency (which is where the probability [prob=] comes in)

sleeperHordeStageGS     <!-- auto generated sleeper horde groups  -->

badassHordeStageGS    <!-- auto generated Badass GS / Regular horde groups  -->

badassOnlyHordeStageGS    <!-- auto generated Badass Only horde groups  -->

scoutHordeStageGS    <!-- auto generated scout horde groups  -->

feralHordeStageGS    <!-- auto generated feral / blood mood horde groups  -->


I believe that if you only add zeds to these groups at the gamestages that you want in the entitygroups.xml then you can make the game become increasingly difficult as the game progresses.  High health zeds, invisible, all kinds of stuff and however you want it.  I'll let you know if I'm wrong.

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