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Hello Pimps,

I love the updates you have done, and I think you have done a great job. I really enjoy the new zombie looks, and the loot rework feels better. As I was playing, I was thinking about some things that would be cool to see. It would be cool to see a Evil dead Cabin in the wood Biome just as a Easter egg. Another thing I was thinking about is a nuke creator in the Burned Biome. It would make more sense for the radiation in that biome. Areas were nukes were dropped to stop the zombies. Just things that would match the themes you have made for the game.


Another thing I was thinking about when playing was I wish there was Archery targets you can put up to practice. Maybe be able to hang a zombie up on one. That would be funny. Also I would love the ability to rename zombies so I can make my own story's in the game. I love the game, and how everything works, but I have to admit I wish there was some kind of side story to follow, or make up just make things more immersive when playing that's all. To have more tools to make more interesting videos. Anyways. I love your game. You guys have done a amazing job. I can't Phrase you enough. I Look forward to what is next, and what other amazing things you add.

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