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  1. There are so many towns, and suburbs, but there are no children zombies. Why?
  2. Well if the devs tell me its three sounds good to me, but I will put money down it was one when they started, and built off of that to the next one.
  3. I am not stressing over the game, or devs for sure, My responsibility is for me to decide, or feel how ever I want. Telling me my responsibility is to do what ever your telling me is some very very bad wording for sure, but I will let those things slide. I do enjoy the game very much, but I know for sure it has a core foundation category to it, and I was only wonder which one is was. Never cared which one they did choose, but I know for sure when it comes to developing a video game all games have a foundation to start on.
  4. Well the main important reason why I will keep trying to put the game in a category is because of balance, and it is too easy to throw the game off of what made the game fun, and pulling people into it. One update could put the game into full Minecraft mode, and it would take a few years of updates to pull it back down to survival. Another update could put the game into full RPG Skyrim, and it would take a few years to pull the game back into Shooter/Survival, and vice versa. Every game has at least a main core to it even if the game does more than one category so its easyer to keep the game developed on the correct direction, and its less likely to rear off road, and throw the game in a very bad state that would take a long time to pull out of. Mixing things up is great but one of the category's is the correct one that made the game popular, and held peoples interest. So I will always keep asking what the main category is because I am sure the devs did pick one. It would be weird for devs to make a game that they don't know what type they dreamed of making.
  5. I am confused about 7 days to die. When I play the game it feels like a survival game at times, but once you get items, and other things it feels like first person shooter, or Skyrim RPG. What is 7 days to die at its core? I want to say its a survival game because they got the creepy mood down, but so many things shift when you play it for long amount of hours. So what kind of game is 7 days to die? I just want to stop being so confused when the game gets updated, and I play it for long amounts of times.
  6. Hello Pimps, I love the updates you have done, and I think you have done a great job. I really enjoy the new zombie looks, and the loot rework feels better. As I was playing, I was thinking about some things that would be cool to see. It would be cool to see a Evil dead Cabin in the wood Biome just as a Easter egg. Another thing I was thinking about is a nuke creator in the Burned Biome. It would make more sense for the radiation in that biome. Areas were nukes were dropped to stop the zombies. Just things that would match the themes you have made for the game. Another thing I was thinking about when playing was I wish there was Archery targets you can put up to practice. Maybe be able to hang a zombie up on one. That would be funny. Also I would love the ability to rename zombies so I can make my own story's in the game. I love the game, and how everything works, but I have to admit I wish there was some kind of side story to follow, or make up just make things more immersive when playing that's all. To have more tools to make more interesting videos. Anyways. I love your game. You guys have done a amazing job. I can't Phrase you enough. I Look forward to what is next, and what other amazing things you add.
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