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Map Previewer for 7DTD, compatible with Darkness Falls

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Here is my "Map Previewer". 

It works with 7DTD vanilla or Darkness Falls mod.

Traders and special POI of DF (Eve, Caitlin, Labs, Bunkers, ...) are displayed.


You can see the main window in attachement.


All the infos and download link here : https://discord.gg/QZbJWDp9vB



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Version 1.2 is available.


- use the new folders of DF

- use prefabs to identify the type of building (industrial, commercial, residential, ...)

        so you can have some warning "type not found" is the prefab is not correctly done !

- only one type of map is generated ,where everything is on it


All the infos and download link here https://discord.gg/QZbJWDp9vB

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