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  1. I have made some test with "FixedWaterLevel" = "true" and "WaterLevel" = "xxx" and it does not do anything. The "WaterLevel" item is just a guess, i never see this anywhere !
  2. Most of the map i see now use the water_info.xml. Some of them has more than 700.000 lines (=700.000 water sources !). It seems that they create water source for 8 blocks (8 for X position and 8 for Y position) We need a good documentation for that. Best i have found is this : https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/14072-water_infoxml-a-collective-understanding/ And now you understand why my map generator works (for now) only on flat ground with no water sources !
  3. Hi, I have never seen a "FixedWaterLevel" = True ! The new Navergane didn't have this line anymore. They use water_info.xml. I have heard that the Nitrogen maps has an automatic waterlevel around 30 blocks high. (never test it) They use the splat file to have water. One day i generate myself a flat map with ground level = 0, and i get no water. And i don't find any link on Internet.
  4. Send me your dtm.png or even better all your folder map.
  5. If you can save a 16bits PNG i think that you should work on this. Verify that the grayscale decrease/increase is smooth on screen, try a smooth function inside your graphic software (or blur)
  6. Thanks for testing. I really supposed that TFP used all the values of the 16 bits pictures and your screenshot shows it. For my map gen, i use a .... flat map ! (for now) so i don't have any problem (it is so nice to drive a car without problem all around the map) For the generation of a dtm, read above. Some use the TIFF format and says that it works. Also read this: https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/17041-any-way-to-create-my-own-dtmraw/ https://chrani.net/blog/messing-with-the-world-of-7dtd-part-1-of-3/ Hope that this will help you.
  7. Yes you can use a PNG (i use it in my map generator). But a grayscale PNG is 8 bits (0-255) and the raw dtm is 16 bits (0-65535), so i suppose that the ground will be not so smoth. For the software search for "World Checker".
  8. Hello KingSlayer, The DTM.RAW is a grayscale 16 bits little endian binary file. I don't know about TGA file, but you can use a DTM.PNG file (gray scale: red=green=blue) And i think that the dtm picture should have the same size than the map. Look into the "Tools" section, there is a software to check your files.
  9. Look into the "Game Modification" / "Tools", you can make a preview with the region.
  10. I think that you should verify your cpu/gpu heat when you have problems. Even when you pause the game (ESC key), the game is still making computations (i can hear my fan turning). So don't pause, quit the game !
  11. Version 1.3 is available. - add: height map - add: display regions - change: faster generation All the infos and download link here : https://discord.gg/QZbJWDp9vB
  12. Thanks, because on this page it is written 500 : https://docs.csmm.app/en/cpm/reset-regions.html#intro but on livemaps i counted 512, so i doubted.
  13. Hi, What is the size of regions ? 500 or 512 blocks ? Thanks.
  14. If you are a modder, artist, developper on 7DTD, maybe you wanted to check your "world" after modifications. So here is a software to check the files. It works with 7DTD vanilla or Darkness Falls mod. Read the "WC-readme.txt" file for more information. There is still a lot of work to do ! All the infos and download link here : https://discord.gg/QZbJWDp9vB -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What is checked ? --------------------
  15. Hi, What are the colors allowed in the splat3 file ? - no road = (0, 0, 0) - asphalt = (255, 0, 0) - gravel = (0, 255, 0) Does any other colors are allowed ?
  16. Hi, I see that 6 prefabs have duplicated names between vanilla (\Data\Prefabs\) and DF (\Mods\0-DarknessFallsCore\Prefabs\). They are : skyscraper_02 and the 5 traders The content of XML are not excatly the same. Is this intentional ? Does DF prefabs have a priority on vanilla prefabs in the game ? Thanks.
  17. Hi Liesel, I use only Python. Here is a direct download link : https://1fichier.com/?zegsmrfc76mze4sz8vks Here is a screencopy from Discord :
  18. Well, it is not as the same level as nitrogen (yet)
  19. Here is my "Map Generator". It works with 7DTD vanilla or Darkness Falls mod. THIS IS A BETA VERSION ! I am still working on the city/town generation , so you have to import theses for now. Read the "MG-readme.txt" file for mor information. There is still a lot of work to do ! All the infos and download link here : https://discord.gg/QZbJWDp9vB
  20. Version 1.2 is available. - use the new folders of DF - use prefabs to identify the type of building (industrial, commercial, residential, ...) so you can have some warning "type not found" is the prefab is not correctly done ! - only one type of map is generated ,where everything is on it All the infos and download link here : https://discord.gg/QZbJWDp9vB
  21. I am really confuse. On the second picture (2 posts up) under "Map" you have an arrow witch is your position on the map and at the right you have a 'target' which is the position of your mouse on the map. Coord 0,0 is the center of the map, if your map is 12K, coords are from -6K to +6K (or 6K West/North to 6K East/South) and on this picture, on top it is written 1396 S and under 1396 N, so it is not the same coords ! If you still have problem, try to send me your map.
  22. When you create a new game or when you continue a game, go into the "Advanced" tab and disable the "Cheat Mode" option.
  23. Hi, Sorry if i am in the wrong forum, i don't know where to report this. In the prefab folder (Data/Prefabs) of 7DTD A19.3, there is 2 Prefabs which have only a XML file (no file TTS, JPG, NIM, ...) Names are : courthouse_med_0T.xml house_new_mansion_03.xml Thanks.
  24. What do you call " duplicate coordonates" ?
  25. When you test your modifications, create a new game each time. Or delete region file,s if you know what it is.
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