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Hardcore Stack Sizes (for Alpha 19 b180 Stable version)
Author: Taylorsd
September 2020


Thought you could loot Shamway and bring it all back to your base.....Nope



Requires inventory management with this modlet. It reduces stack sizes by large amount


    Normal Stack size for 9mm Bullets is 300
    Hardcore Stack size is now 50 



I don't play vanilla, I play modded and look for mods that bring immersion and survival aspects, that is why I made this

for myself to go along with Ravenhearst, though you can use this mod for vanilla




-It doesn't include stacks for content added by other mods

-If used with other mods this mod is set to load at the bottom of the load order
so if you get an error you can manually rename the modlet from zw_Hardcore_Stacks_A19 
to 00_Hardcore_Stacks_A19 which will load it above other modlets

-There are items that extend from other items that give that items stack value instead of me changing it 

-Its not perfect and still may need some tweaking



This is just value tweaking
Feel free to use this as a template and change the values to your liking  
You may use in any other mod. Don't ask me 



Download from Nexus Mods




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