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Antialiasing options


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Would it be possible to provide additional AA options?

I've seen the game uses FXAA, which is good for performance, but on the lower end in terms of graphics, and so I can see jagged lines even AA set to "Ultra".

Also providing some explanation to the options, instead of Low, High and Ultra, which doesn't detail what type of antialiasing it is.

I've seen major improvements to graphics since I played 2 years ago, and I have to say it has me mesmerized at the view off of my base.

Thank you :)

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3 hours ago, shahruh10 said:

Gotta say, it was pretty pointless registering here just to ask for this, seems like there's no response to problems like this.


You don't really have a problem, you just want to know more about the options. That is what I would call a feature request. One of at least 50 that are posted every week in this forum. Do you really think the ~5 developers have the time to answer every feature request post when they hardly have the time to implement all the features they want themselves.


Stuff like AA also depends on new developments in the engine they are using (Unity) and they don't have any influence on that. They regularily update to new versions of the engine so additional features could turn up surprising everyone. I suspect they will only finalize graphic option descriptions once they know that the engine version they are using is final for release as well.


Hope this helps, you got a response now 😉


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Don't get me wrong here, I wasn't expecting the developers to answer, but rather such as yourself, a moderator of this community. I just think the AA option that is currently available, is horrendous. It's really bad when you can see transparency on your weapon (AK's or Stone Hatchets) that is already very close to the camera. This is why I consider it a problem.


Thank you however, for the response.

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