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Intellect Weapons


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I have some suggestions for the Intellect Weapons.


1. Instead of adding a T2 and T3 Stun / Plasma Baton, there could be a Taser T1 (1 shot) and Taser T2 (2 shots) - these belong also to the Electrolutioner Perk and can also stun special / radiated Zombies.,


2. Support Weapons

(These could replace the Turrets, since they are a bit unrealistic operating without gas and gunpowder, or be additionally)

T1: Pipe Pistol (craftable in the early-game), just 1 shot, but can use 9mm, 7,62mm and .44 ammunition

T2: Flamethrower (instead as Fortitude weapon)

T3: Grenade Launcher (no explosives, but either   -Fire Grenade  (Like a Molotov but bigger Area of Effect / a bit more damage)

                                                                                -Thermite Grenade (Just hits 1 Zombie, massive Damage over Time, lights really bright)


That way there are nice (supportive) weapons for the Intellect Attribute, which not necessarily rely on weapons from other Attributes)

Flamethrower and Grenade Launcher with Fire Grenade for crowd Control and Taser and Thermite Grenades for Radiated Zombies.

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IIRC 'pipe guns' are supposed to be coming as a 'tier zero' version of every gun. Like the stone tools and the blunderbuss for the shotgun. 

Hopefully that makes the 'stone age' of the game less tedious. 


There's no reason to make these intelligence weapons. They'd fit with the rest of the pistols or rifles or suchlike. 


As for a taser... I like the idea. Start out with something like the stun-baton at lvl 1 of the perk, then get a projectile-version that can stun at range, then the final version would be like... a tesla-cannon or something?


Make it follow the same path for all other weapons. tier 1, tier 2, tier 3. 

Like the junk sledge/junk turret/junk-drone. 

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