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Running over things with the 4x4


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Do you also like to run over things - zeds and trash bags - with the vehicles?


I do wish it only took 3 or 4 runs to kill a zed, in stead of about 20.  I am sad to say that I tried to run over a zed over and over until it died, and when it did it may have been from boredom.


When I am driving distances it is about 50-50 whether I stop to kill a zed or just run them over to see them flying.  Very satisfactory, they way they ragdol or sometimes get stuck on the spikes on the front of the motorcycle.


Also those shopping trolleys!  I kinda wish they could be pushed around ... I'd like to not have to turn to go around them.  Just bash them and send them flying.


P.S: I'm not posting this in Pimp dreams because it's just some random thoughts, not a real wishlist thing.  

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