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New Knives


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8 hours ago, Foppa said:

Karambit style knives, machete both, bowie, among others.

i like these but IMO Bladed weapons are not the best!


i think the hunting knife could get a bigger buff in terms of base damage (like 9 base damage and 29 heavy) rather then 5 to 6 damage!


and maybe their could be alternatives for Tier 2 and 3! SWORDS!


Knifes are used to gut animals, Stealth and Fast DPS (plus bleed)

while Swords would be slower to uses, deal more damage, have more range, less stealth damage, more Crippling/Chopping! and slight Armor damage!

they could have the same Animation as the Machete! (and yes the machete would stay! and would be the best knife!)



the iron sword would have a square blade with a wooden grip with Leather on it, tape, and looks very makeshift!

the Steal sword would look like a Wasteland Katana! it would have some makeshift stuff on it but looks like a Katana!

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