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Running 2 Dedicated Servers on One PC.


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Is this possible or not?  I have seen a few areas that said YES.  But under the comments everyone says it doesn't work and they ask for help and there is Crickets....

So I did a search on this site and came up with 1151 hits... none relevant.   So if this is a repeat, my apologies.


I am basically looking to run two sessions (dedicated servers) off one PC.  One for me and my buddies.  And one for me and the kiddos.   It's a stand alone machine, not running anything else but Empyrion when the need arises.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for your time and have a great weekend!

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It's totally possible. I run 10 server on a single device. With Windows it's not as easy as with Linux, but it's not that difficult either. You just cannot automate tasks as well.


There are two ways you can go about this.

First is to just create two configs with two batch files. With this configuration both servers will use the same client, and will have the same mods installed. I personally don't advise doing this on Windows.

Second is to create two separate dedi client installations. Each with it's own set of mods and configuration. 

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