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Zero distance Punch range


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I noticed there was a new update and the very same thing happened to my character as the last update did forcing me to restart and I really hope there is another way to fix this. 


My Fists (fist weapons) NORMAL attack now have ZERO range. I cant attack any enemies or harvest goods with a normal attacks anymore because they seem to be "Out of range". Zombies stop and attack swinging and hit me when they are in range and continue to do so but my fists make no contact. The only time they do is with a power attack or if i literally push against the Zombie. Only then do NORMAL attacks make contact of any kind. 


I have noticed that if i make a new game this issue don't exist and has the normal 1 ish meter range of attack so somehow my save file for my current (And last game i gave up on due to this bug) seem to hold the problem. Does anyone have any thoughts how to return the normal attack range to fist weapons?



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