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Faster Tier 3 weapons and tools


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I often wish I could swing faster when holding a Tier 3 club.  With both Axes and Clubs, the Tier 3 item is slower than the Tier 2 one.  


This I assume is for the sake of balance, eg so that the Tier 3 does not become too ridiculously over powered.


What if the Tier 3 was faster, but did less damage per hit to maintain the balance.  The power attack can then still be used for one-blow kills, but with the same dps end result as is currently the case.


Any thoughts about whether that would work?


Now since the model of the Steel Club LOOKS heavy and slow, and the bat looks sleek and fast, I am toying with the idea of making a mod that just changes it arround.


So tier 2 would be your iron club.  Tier 3 then becomes a steel basebal bat.

The iron club would be a bit slower and should have the same dps as the current bat, while the new steel bat should have a faster swing speed and the same dps as the current steel club.


The objective would not be to change the overall power, just the fun level of clubs, particularly when you need to keep a mini-swarm of zeds at bay!

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