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Structures Spawn


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Hello people, someone who can help me.
I really have a server that works very well, but I need help with something. When my players destroy structures, how do I get them to rebuild again.
Some start breaking houses and the loot no longer appears, I need a way to regenerate the structures without restarting the entire map completely (Do not erase their houses from them)


Sorry if I post in the wrong forum, I'm new here.

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You can do this with the 'chunkreset' command in the console. Here's how it worked for me:


1) Find POI



2) Use dev gun to destory POI. Fun!



3) Stand on the rubble IN GOD MODE (so I can clip through the blocks which will pop into existence), open console (F1) and type 'chunkreset'

4) Watch the POI magically regenerate around me



You can also use 'chunkreset x1 z1 x2 z2' where x1/z1 and x2/z2 identify the bounds of a box you want to reset (if the box crosses chunk boundaries, all affected chunks will be reset). For a server admin I suppose you could mark off the boundaries of towns, for example, and tell your players that all chunks in that town will be reset every N days. They obviously should not build their bases within those towns. You just run your chunkreset command with the proper coordinates every N days (you don't need to be anywhere near the town in that case).



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