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Deadlands Modded PvE | 200% XP | 200% LOOT | A19


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Welcome to Deadlands Modded PvE


We have recently just started up our dedicated server within the last month and already have a 20+ strong community who are friendly and helpful also with active staff.


Server Settings


Map Size - 8k

Difficulty - Survivalist (4)

Zombie Day Speed - Walk

Zombie Night Speed - Run

Zombie Feral Speed - Sprint

Zombie Blood Moon Speed - Sprint

Party Shared Kill Range - 500M

Player Killing - No Killing

Max Zombies - 40

Max Animals - 30

Daylight Length - 18 Hours (04:00 - 22:00)

24 Hour Cycle - 60 Minutes

Land Claim Amount - 10 Land claims

Land Claim Size - 51 Blocks (30 Blocks Deadzone)

Land Claim Duration - 14 days (Real time days)

Land Claim Health Online / Offline - Unlimited (Full Protection)

Loot Abundance - 200%

Loot Respawn Time - 3 Game Days (3 Real time hours)

Marked Air Drops - On

Air Drops Frequency - Every Day

XP Bonus - 200%


Server Information


We have modded weapons, modded tools, extra blocks, extra recipes, custom vehicles, custom zombies, custom prefabs
We have a spawn area where you will be safe from zombies during horde nights or regular nights.

We have a resource area where you can constantly mine for your ores without the ores degrading (At a lower resource payout than regular resources)
We have botman with lots of commands and waypoints!
We have a vote claim / reward system with 100% server uptime! - https://7daystodie-servers.com/server/90104/

We are currently playing on Alpha 19 Stable

We have done everything we can to make sure all of the mods we use are stable and do not require anyone to download a mod pack!


Other Information

You can join us on discord at https://discord.gg/dXVm9zA

All other relevant details including our online map can be found on our website www.deadlandspve.com
We should be in the dedicated server list however if you can't find us our IP is and Port 41411


We look forward to seeing you!

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