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Make night times scary again


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I remember spending the first few nights on the roof of a building crouching.


I remember sneaking around a house at night with a candle because I did not have a torch, flashlight, or mod to free up a hand.  Every time I wanted to use another tool I had to check the shadows and put away the candle.


And now I just walk out and shoot them at night.


I can make them faster at night but all that changes is reaction speed.  The "speed at night" seems to me to be a placeholder for "make night times more difficult.


Here is my Wish for night-time difficulty:

1. Zeds hit hardeer at night.

2. Zeds take less damage at night.

3. Zeds can smell better, see further, hear better at night.

4. At night the sleepers are more easily woken - sleeper volume larger and less sound needed to wake them.

5. At night they path less random and more smartly towards you.

6. And yes, faster at night too, but not all of them at the exact same speed!!!



Having the above items scale with your charater level will keep nights dangerous.


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