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Expansion of the Stone age


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So i had this idea forming about how it would be nice if stone age tools wouldnt just be fodder items but something what you desire even later ingame so heres the idea, lets evolve these tools!


I decided on 3 tiers of additional stone age tools:


  • Makeshift
  • War
  • Advanced


1. Makeshift tools and weapons are technically "iron" tools but made in the most barbaric way you can imagine it. They need raw iron to made, less sturdy than stone tools and only barely weaker than iron tools.


For example here a Makeshift hammer has 100 durability at max what is 150 less than a claw hammer has 20 block and 11 entity damage (10% less) but costs 50 iron, 10 wood and 10 plant fibers (repair with 20 iron). This is a tool you craft for quick emergency needs and get rid of it when you are done.


A makeshift iron spear would be pieces of iron strapped onto the end of a stick, the idea is that they are cheap to make and you dont care about them for long.



2. War tools and weapons are stone tools what you decided to add in a bit more to them for increasing their efficiency in the manners of fighting enemies. They need much more raw materials sometimes use strange materials too.


For example a War Hammer has 200 durability what is only 50 less than a claw hammer at max, deals 15 entity damage (more than what the claw hammer and stone axe can do) but only 15 block damage. You make it with 100 iron, 20 wood and 50 brass at a campfire (primitive smithing).


A War Stone Sledgehammer would get iron spikes on its end and brass to keep it together, the downside is the increased stamina usage but you have a weapon what can rival an iron tool in terms of damage.


3. Advanced stone tools are created with great care and skill, these items would have been wielded by warchiefs and priests in the stone age. They are made at workbenches and forges effectively rivalling steel items where it makes sense. Unlike the others theres not much of these because you can only make a few more advanced without reaching iron age.


For example an Obsidian Knife deals 20 entity and block damage making it better than the machete but only has 200 durability and it can only repaired in a forge, its crafted in the forge with 500 stone and has a 20 minute crafting time.


Other advanced items are like blowpipes, Spearthrowers (a simple wooden tool what increases spear range and damage) and various old technologies like chinese rock grenades.

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I see you put a lot of thought into this but the way the game is structured it makes no sense.


The reward for doing anything at low level are incredibly small and it isn't worth lingering. I'd like there to be some soft gating to make low level play fun but the way it is just motivates you to grind efficiently, take no big risks and advance level quickly.

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