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What's the best mod?

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There is an effort to get people to add their mods to this list so they're all in one place.  You'll find some of the larger override mods here as well:


However, not everyone posts all their mods here (and some of the links are just to other forum threads with lists of mods) and you'll have to scour the mod forums to find some: Mods forum


Personally, I suggest trying several of the overhaul mods that you list above.  There's more that that list (Winter Project?, War3zuk, etc. I don't know them all).  The larger overhauls have been hand tuned to make things work better (be more compatible) than trying to cobble together a bunch of smaller modlets on your own that may have some conflicting code, especially when you're first trying them out. Once you get comfortable or bored with the large overhaul mods, then look into trying to manage loading the smaller modlets ( or make you own!).


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