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Quest QOL improvements


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The biggest issues so far I have with quest system, and the suggestions I would like to make are relatively small but would be considerate improvement in the questing experience.


First issue is that sometimes two traders can send you to loot/clear the same spot. This creates a conflict of sorts. If you start the quest, clear the place and then walk outside, the quest icon is still there though you can now hand in one of the quests.  When trying to then start the second quest for a re-clear, you get the message that the quest cannot be done right now. I end up having to remove the quest from the list and go to the trader again to pick up something different. I've learned since to try to watch out where the traders send me as soon as they give me a quest, and then drop it immediately if there is a conflict, but it would be a good idea if traders were made so that different traders cannot send you to exact same spot to clear.


Second issue is related. It would be nice if there was an indication on the quest about who you got it from. Maybe I am missing it somehow, but I cannot find any description of which trader gave me which quest. Once you've visiting 3 traders and above, this can get very confusing.


Third issue is regarding the quest ending. Many times I would get so caught up in clearing the place and fighting, that I would dump my loot in my transport, and start driving away just to get a quest failed message because I completely forgot either to clear completely (or thought I did) or to pick up loot needed for quest. Instead of immediate fail at certain distance from the quest, it would be much appreciated if there was a warning pop-up first. Something like "Are you sure you're ready to abandon this quest?", giving me the chance to turn around.


Finally, I've started trying to put down the chest near the quest area, to store all the extra stuff I may be carrying but do not have space to dump at the moment, though the quest is on the way and I'd like it cleared. Problem is of course, that as soon as you start the quest, and as the quest area limits aren't marked, all the area is reset and the chest (and all its contents -.-) are then immediately gone as well. It would be nice if there was an exception made for player chests for this reset. Or at least if there was an option to mark the reset area so we know how far is safe distance to place the chest. 


Thanks for the read, if anyone ends up reading this.

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I can probably help you with some of this.


1) Be sure to make whatever quest you're on the Active one in the Quest panel.  You'll be able to immediately see which parts are completed or not.  Get in the habit of checking before you leave the POI.  I've certainly walked out by accident a number of times myself.  Just need to make it  habit.


2) The active quest will have an orange ! while other quests will have a white !.  That goes for both the compass and the map.  If you want to know which trader you got a given quest from, once completed, make it active again, and check your compass and/or map for the orange marker.


3) POIs clear their entire area, but you can be sure they don't extend to the road.  Always park your vehicle and drop box in the road, or across the street.  Don't confuse parking lots or entry drives with the main road though.


4) When you select, but not confirm a quest, it'll tell you the name of the POI you're headed to.  If you're going to grab multiples, just try to remember that name.  Don't pick up two for skyscraper_01, unless you know for sure they are different directions.  And don't then, either, because the idea is to get ones close together.


5) Once you're kinda wealthy, and have 2 vehicles, instead of a drop box, use your backup vehicle.  You'll get a nice indicator on your map/compass so you know to return and get that stuff.  As long as your 1st vehicle is empty by then, just pick it up and drive the 2nd one back.

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