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Moving save files broken?


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I was hosting a random generated map for my friends in decicated server. We decided to change map to Navezgane, with our existing characters.


I created the world, tested that it works, and then tried to move the save files.


.ttp and .ttp.bak


Two out of three saves did not work at all. One actually got his character and experience, but most items were replaced with something else. Coins had changed in to other items, and for example he had a fuel tank mod attached to his armor..


We did not change game version at any point. It is alpha19b169


Are there any other files besides those two that need to be copied or any files that need to be deleted?

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More detailed information is required on what exactly you did, where you pulled it from, and where you stuck it.


At a guess, either you didn't copy the right files, or tried to copy it while a game was active. There are a number of files that have .ttp for the extension, you need to be very clear on which ones you migrated.

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