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Additional turrets and traps.


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The SMG and Shotgun turrets are great for when you are not using 9mm and Shogun ammo.  It would be great to round it out with 7.62 and .44 turrets.


Rework the Dart Trap to take crossbow bolts as ammunition.  The current dart could be retired or made as a tier 0 usable by crossbows.


Add a new Puji stick trap.  The trap is a cross between the dart trap and the wooden spikes.  The block can be placed and loaded with arrows.  When triggered, the arrows would 'stab' something on the 'pointy' side of the trap.  Some arrows would break off requiring it to be reloaded occasionally.  It would be a Melee trap with low damage and cause either a bleed or a slow.


This would make all lootable ammo usable in base building


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