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Steel Knuckles Broke


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Well I decided to try continue my game when it upgraded to b169 and check if was working fine enough  to continue or issues where i would need to start over. . I was doing a fortitude build and had steel knuckles. I did have a couple mods installed bigger backpack and item sorting mod. I noticed  when  trying to punch anything like zombies, animals  it would not  hit. Power attacks with steel knuckles worked fine as normal. So I decided to exit the game. I uninstalled all mods and validated files. I started a new world  and gave myself steel knuckles. When doing normal attacks with steel knuckles  would almost never hit anything.  I tried punching grass. I spawned a deer and turned off the ai and walked put blank range to the deer and over 90% of the punches that should have hit the deer misses. I would not harvest with steel knuckles unless i was power attacking. I also gave myself iron knuckles and knuckle wraps and both of those worked fine.

after posted this it is known and looks like b170 will fix it.


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