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Map size 1k or 2k


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You cannot do this with Nitrogen. It has a hard min limit of 4096 no matter what you enter.


You can modify the 7D client to do this with ease. You have to edit the config files and add the option for smaller maps. I believe the file is .Config\XUi_Menu\windows.xml.


Look for these lines, there are two of them. I think you need to change both lines. BACKUP THE ORIGINAL FILE BEFORE YOU DO THIS. Change this: values="4096,8192" to values="1024,2048,4096,8192". Save. Restart game. Try to generate a new world, you should now be able to make random gen worlds 1024 and 2048 in size.


<combobox depth="108" pos="155,0" width="300" height="32" name="WorldSize" type="ComboBoxList&lt;System.String&gt;" values="4096,8192" value_wrap="false" />


You can add the option to make bigger worlds, but every time I try to do that, it crashes. 8K seems to be the biggest world the 7D client will make.



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