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Throws to the main menu


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Hello, I don’t know what to do. When you open inventory or loot, the game freezes and with some chance throws into the main menu. I have completely removed the Windows Defender and the firewall is disabled (when I turn it on and add the game to exceptions, nothing changes). I reinstalled the game several times and cleaned it through the launcher, and I also never installed mods. Here are my logs for the last time. output_log__2020-07-11__22-45-43.txtoutput_log__2020-07-11__22-28-29.txtoutput_log__2020-07-13__12-23-53.txtoutput_log__2020-07-12__17-56-39.txtWhat is my problem?
My PC:
i7 7700hq
gtx 1050ti
8gb ram
ssd m2

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