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FPS Drop in desert durring sand storms anyone else?


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I have on average FPS of between  90 and 80 depending on number of zombies on the field. And generally have no issues with full ultra settings.


I have an AMD Ryzen 9 3900x 4.0 12 core and a RTX 2080s, 32 gigs ram and a 1T M.2 drive so i don't have any issues with any other game.


The question i have is are other getting this same problem as i am. While in the desert my FPS drops to as low as 16FPS average about 30 to 40ish during sandstorms.


I know its alpha. I know its 19.b196. So I'm not here to cry about performance. I just want to know if others are having the same problem and maybe the sandstorms / clouds are causing the issue. I looked at the current bug reports and i did not see more the the PC FPS drop issue. And was just wondering if its maybe just a "my PC problem" or if its something that might be a issue with the weather system.


I also get a drop in FPS from about 90 to 60 or 50 from rain and heavy clouds.


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I get FPS drop every time I set foot in the dessert. Doesn`t matter what the weather is. Not tried in latest version. No idea why, but I have been able to play the game fine, upto A19, but now, it runs terrible, and certain places are really bad (like the dessert).  I have tried turning on the dynamic graphics option, but then it looks like minecraft half the time (super pixelated). 

 I don`t have a super computer, but its good enough to run most games absolutely fine. AMD Ryzen 5 3.6 GHz 6 core, 16GB ram, NVidia 1050ti 4GB, running on 512GB SSD

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